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My New Charleston, SC Website

Posted By: Heather Lord In: General
Date: Thu, Jan 29th 2009 8:46 am

First, I want to say that I do understand that Blog articles should provide relevant content of value to the reader.... Otherwise this channel of communication is relegated to nothing more than an online advertising medium.

That being said I am taking my liberties with this post and will ask my readers for their forgiveness.

Two years ago I began my quest for a website - How embarrassing is that admission??? I am unsure how may providers I contacted, how many sites I perused or how many times I was ready to take the plunge - numerous, myriad, copious... well you get the picture.

I have graded many a site using HUBSPOT's web grading tool - http://website.grader.com and learned much about keywords, keyword phrases, meta tags, header tags, blogs, rss feeds etc. By the way anyone seeking to improve your site SEO I cannot recommend this company enough... and just so we are clear there is no affiliation!

I also sent an email to my past / present clients, friends, colleagues asking what a website should provide for today's home buyer or seller and although the content requests are still a work in progress I listened intently...and will continue to do so. Thank-you for taking the time to respond and please don't stop sending recommendations!

In the end it was clear that to meet my goals I would require a Custom Site and the company I chose was Myrsol - a South Carolina company based out of Myrtle Beach. With a solid hands on real estate background, proprietary home search program and the exceptional design talents of Chad Weaber I am thrilled to finally say.... Please visit my website at www.HeatherLord.com. I feel like I have given birth! And again, just to be clear I am not receiving any compensation for this statement.

Comments / Recommendations Welcome!