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Summerville SC - Wind Turbine Company Brings 190 New Jobs

Posted By: Heather Lord In: General
Date: Fri, Mar 12th 2010 3:29 pm

Summerville SC - Wind Turbine Parts Manufacturer to Bring 190 New Jobs to Area

Offshore Wind Turbines - Photo Courtesy of Flickr The year 2009 ended on a positive note for the economic future   of the Charleston SC Tricounty area. Boeing formally announced their expansion plans for the Dreamliner Final Assembly Plant with an anticipated 3800+ new jobs and the Clemson University Restoration University announced the Charleston Naval Complex, North Charleston as the site of their 98 million dollar Wind Turbine Test Facility…

 So, on paper very promising …but like most consumers my confidence is raised immeasurably by seeing tangible progress… Well the Boeing construction is hard to miss and just yesterday March 9, 2010 the first company directly related to the manufacture of Wind Turbines announced they will bring 190 jobs to Dorchester County! Housing certainly won’t be an issue with over 1,000 single family detached homes available in the immediate Summerville area.

 Who is The IMO Group ?

The welcome new employer  is a German based Alternative Energy company;  they will manufacture circular metal rings ( technically known as slew rings)  used to help turbines spin in a facility located in the McQueen Industrial Park, Dorchester County. They are slated to begin operation by July 2010 – Hooray!

From my perspective, the road to economic recovery to i.e., job creation, is the only way we will right our economic malaise and although the Home Buyer Tax Credit has been a terrific catalyst resulting in renewed Home Buyer Confidence the home purchase uptick will only be sustained with job growth.

 How do I apply ?

So from this Charleston SC Realtor to anyone interested in employment opportunities with the IMO Group please visit the SC Tech Jobs website at http://www.sctechjobs.com or contact Dorchester One Stop Career Center at 843 821-0695.