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A Painter's Palette - Spring in Charleston, SC - Another Reason I Live Here!

Fri, Apr 17th 2009 4:49 pm by Heather Lord General


 A Painters Palette  -  Spring in Charleston SC -  Just another reason I live here! Azaleas in Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

I don't know about you but I love this time of year! The threat of frost has passed (based on typical weather patterns) the pollen, while still lingering is not the yellow plague of just a couple of weeks ago and..... humidity levels are not yet stifling.

 The first Spring I experienced in Charleston was exceptionally beautiful, the year 1992. I remember passing streams of lavender colored Wisteria and blasts of deep magenta Azalea blooms - pristine white Dogwood trees and sunshine yellow Carolina Jasmine... well you get the idea.

 During that first Spring, I found myself constantly thinking about m...

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First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit – Up Close

Sun, Apr 5th 2009 4:18 am by Heather Lord General

This may be redundant for many folks but my experience to date suggests that many people still don’t know about the government incentive to assist First Time Home Buyers. So, if you already have a clear understanding of how this tax credit works and who is legible to take advantage of it… skip this post and read my next one!  

How much can I claim for the tax credit?
Probably the first question on everyone’s mind… Borrower’s can claim up to $8,000 or 10% of the home’s value whichever is less.

Who is eligible for this tax credit?
First time home buyers or those who have not owned a principal residence in 3 years prior to the purchase. This applies to BOTH purchaser and purchaser...

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I Didn't Know About The $8,000 Credit

Wed, Mar 18th 2009 11:08 am by Heather Lord General

First Time Home Buyers CreditOk – so let me set the stage; so to speak…. It is Saturday morning, second cup of tea and I am answering Arch Telecom calls.

For those unfamiliar, Arch Telecom provides an 800# service with recorded information for each of our listings… and I love these calls! Yep, I sure do and no I am not masochistic, occasionally overly optimistic but never masochistic! I cannot think of a better way to speak to potential buyers who are truly in the moment – i.e., they are physically outside the home that has caught their eye or reading a real estate book etc.

So my first call of the morning was an inquiry about a 3/2 home listed in Goose Creek SC… The young woman shares with me that she has ...

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Technorati Profile

Tue, Feb 17th 2009 6:45 pm by Heather Lord General

Technorati Directory Information

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My New Charleston, SC Website

Wed, Feb 11th 2009 8:30 pm by Heather Lord General

First, I want to say that I do understand that Blog articles should provide relevant content of value to the reader.... Otherwise this channel of communication is relegated to nothing more than an online advertising medium.

That being said I am taking my liberties with this post and will ask my readers for their forgiveness.

Two years ago I began my quest for a website - How embarrassing is that admission??? I am unsure how may providers I contacted, how many sites I perused or how many times I was ready to take the plunge - numerous, myriad, copious... well you get the picture.

I have graded many a site using HUBSPOT's web grading tool - and learned much ab...

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